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SAVED BY THE BELL Special Holiday Issue Comic Book

I’m pretty sure the cover of this comic comes from the Saved By Bell episode with the murder mystery. That was such a great episode, probably my favorite one.caccavalej is selling this comic for all you Bell fans.

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Saved by the Bell Comics Summer Break Special 1993

I know on my summer breaks I used to love watching re-runs of Saved By the Bell. Well who am I kidding I still watch that bullshit every morning. And I have to say I am a little mad at TBS. Usually SBTB would be on from 7-9 that’s 4 episodes. Now they are on from 8-9. Bullshit why would you put two episodes of Home Improvement on before that? Everyone knows that is more of an afternoon show. Well I guess I have settle for some Saved By The Bell comics like the one mycomicshop is selling.

Click on my Breasts Zack.

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Saved By The Bell Comics!!!!

Good old Harvey Comics feeding my addiction for Saved By The Bell. I am probably the reason you still see reruns on TBS in the morning. Every day with out fail I watch Saved by the Bell from 7:00am to 8:30am before I go to work. I know I’m an asshole by some your standards but I can’t help it. My girlfriend gets so mad at me when I talk about the episodes that I’ve seen hundreds of times over. I think my personal favorite is the murder mystery weekend. I always TiVo that one when it’s on. I’ve never owned any of these comics but I would love too, maybe I’ll bid on one of these. I like the one with the girls acting like strippers, seems like Harvey Comics knows whats up. Kelly in lingerie can’t go wrong.

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Monster In My Pocket.

Anyone else remember these? I always was into them, but that was because they were pretty much just ripoffs of the old M.U.S.C.L.E. toys (you know, the little pink guys?). Only in this case, they weren’t wrestler/superhero types, they were monsters.

As was usual for children’s toy lines then, they also had their own comic, courtesy of Harvey Comics, of Casper The Friendly Ghost and Richie Rich comic fame.

Ironically, given the similarities to the M.U.S.C.L.E. toys, there would eventually one day be Monster Wrestlers In My Pocket. Certainly not the most wholesome title ever…

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