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A Boy and His Dog and the Person Who Reads About Them

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dog. I miss him.

Here is one of the best explorations of that human/dog dynamic. Harlan Ellison’s A Boy and His Dog adapted and expanded on, with the help of Richard Corben, in Vic and Blood. Is it the relationship my dog and I had? No, my dog didn’t communicate with me telepathically or lead me to women to assault in a post-apocalyptic nightmare land. But the spirit is there. Try this book. Even if you hate animals, the Corben art will get you through.

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The Green Teat*.

I had literally no idea that Sci Fi legend and noted curmudgeon Harlan Ellison ever wrote for comic books. I can only imagine what the plots of these two issues are, and what his thoughts on working in the comics industry were afterward.

*- Don’t get the title? Do yourself a favor, find a copy of this:

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