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Post-Halloween Bargain Hulk

The holiday has passed and all that remains is smashed eggs on the sidewalk, toilet paper in the trees, and deep discounts on costumes on Ebay. Ever wanted to be the Hulk? Ever want to be the Hulk after someone else already wore his ripped purple pants? Here’s your chance. Gamma radiation, priced to move.

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Halloween’s right around the corner.

They’re doing great things with costumes these days, adult and kid alike. There’s little excuse to do a bad job on a costume if you’re going to do it. You can go all out, get creative. You’ve got the lead time. When I have gotten into costume, I usually have done the minimalist thing. I had some success in high school dressing up as a hippie, which was somewhat funny because I went to school with kids who dressed that way everyday.*

But if you’re going for the Superhero vibe this halloween, do it right. There’s some prepackaged stuff that looks good, and if comic book and anime conventions are a sign of anything, it’s that you don’t have to be that intelligent to put together a banger costume. So there’s no excuse, nor will you impress anyone, with this.

If you’re going to buy this shirt, buy it to wear because it features a headless Spider-Man. That’s enough by itself. But don’t pull the “tshirt and cheap mask” look this halloween, because a girl dressed as a sexy kitten, or sexy police officer, or sexy star trek character, is not going to vibe on your lack-of-care cool. Go all in, or don’t. It’s easy.

*Thinking about my past halloween costume also made me question – how inappropriate is it to dress up as a “homeless person” for halloween – very, somewhat, or not at all? I think I fall into the “somewhat very” category, though my very awesome significant other says it’s not all that offensive. I think I’ll stick with handing out candy this year.

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