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Wait, Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy?

One of the weakest storylines in the history of Spider-Man. It’s ugly.

Essentially, Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin had a brief encounter with Gwen Stacy, and she had twin children. The twins had the tainted Osborn blood, sought out Spider-Man for revenge, etc… none of it was all that cool. I remember the outrage when the story was fresh and it was just nothing that got me riled up. But in the wake of it now, what a waste of a story. Do some research for yourself and you’ll quickly find that J. Michael Stracyznski had this to say about the story in it’s whole.

In an e-mail to popular comic book website Newsarama, Straczynski claimed that he regretted the version of Sins Past that went to press, and that he had hoped to “retcon” it out of continuity during the events of the recent One More Day storyline: “I wanted to retcon the Gwen twins out of continuity, which was something I always assumed I could do at the end of my run. I wasn’t allowed to do this, and yes, it pissed me off. I felt I was left holding the bag for something I wanted to get rid of, and taking the rap for a writing lapse that I had never committed.”

Oof. Well here’s a trade, on the cheap, of the second half of the Osborn Twin saga. Why would I even post this? Because it’s such an abomination that it almost needs to be read.

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