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Gremlin, son of Gargoyle.

Not going to lie, when I started looking for old Hulk comics featuring the long forgotten villain the Gremlin (perhaps better known to fans of Iron Man as one of the men behind the Titanium Man armor), I really wasn’t expecting to find anything. So imagine my surprise to see that not only are there 3 cover appearances of the Gremlin up right now, but that all three currently have bids!

Sure, they’re all only 99 cents, and probably won’t go much higher, but still.

The Gremlin was basically someone’s attempt to bring back the Hulk’s first ever super-villain, The Gargoyle. And when I say first, I do mean first; the Hulk wasn’t even green yet when Gargoyle showed up:

Yup. Nobody ever really seems to remember it, but Incredible Hulk #1 did in fact involve Hulk getting kidnapped by Russians, who were led by a genius dwarf with a giant head caused by radiation poisoning. This of course was the Gargoyle. Bruce Banner cured him of his deformity, and in return the Gargoyle made a suicide run that enabled him to escape. And that was literally it for the character. But I guess he struck a chord with someone, because some 160+ issues on down the line, his mutant son showed up. Said mutant son basically being the exact same character, just with a different name and origin.

Other then eventually joining the Soviet Super Soldiers, the Gremlin never really did any more than his father did. Sure, he was involved in battling the Avengers and the X-men for custody of Magneto during the X-men Vs Avengers limited series (which I will cover later this week, along with X-men vs Fantastic Four), even showing up on the cover of issue 3 drowning Wolverine while getting choked out by Captain America, but he was in the Titanium Man armor by then, and as far as the average newsstand comic buyer was concerned, that meant he could have been pretty much anybody.

Like I said, the Titanium Man armor meant it could be pretty much anybody inside it, so when Marvel sent Tony Stark on a world wide quest to destroy everything made with the stolen designs for his Iron Man armor, the Gremlin ended up as the token “character that gets killed”, with Tony accidentally blowing up the Titanium Man armor with his booster jets mid fight.

Such a lame death. So it’s nice to see that someone actually cares about him enough to bid on those three cover appearances.

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