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Top 100 Summer Comics #27

When I first read that Hulk was going to be on an alien planet, my brain groaned.

Why. How can that be cool. Ugh. Stupid gimmick. This will suck.

But then… it didn’t. It really didn’t. It was actually awesome.

Greg Pak did it right. The trick – he developed and built out the world around the Hulk. No pre-existing stories, no muddled continuity, just a raw story and a civilization that felt new, weird, and in general, foreign. In many of these stories, where a character is jettisoned off into a completely new and different direction, the path is paved with a lot of missteps, failed attempts, and bland crossovers to try and draw in a new audience. Outside of a well placed appearance by the Silver Surfer, this storyline was devoid of anything close to those well-beaten roads.

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