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Tracing Your Steps

Let me start this post by stating I have no issue with heavy use of references, obviously lightboxing, or straight-up tracing. Ultimately, I don’t care what route you take to get there as long as the destination is “visually appealing with solid storytelling”. That’s it. Provided the final product looks good and reads well, you can cut-and-paste panels from classic comics into a new narrative. If hip-hop can do it, so can you.

The problem with these tactics is that they often do not result in a cohesive panel-to-panel flow. That’s one of the big beefs people have with Greg Land. His most strident shittalkers will attack his obvious lightbox use and perhaps less-than-creative references. But to hell with that. I don’t hate the dude for taking the short way through the woods, I don’t care for him because he’s often stiffer than Rocket Raccoon’s pecker. The panels don’t flow because the poses are borrowed from references that DON’T include Wolverine slashing a sentinel.

So why am I posting up this auction? Because every time you talk Land, his detractors go out and find his references and/or tracing material. Which is sort of a fun game, really. So here you go, the Black Cat, or maybe Marisa Miller, or Coco, or Jenna Jameson. Go, find that reference!

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