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90’s Hobgoblin

Of all the spider-villains, Hobgoblin was one of my favorites. Admittedly, he’s a blatant ripoff / amalgamation of the Green Goblin and Jack O’Lantern, but I digress.

What I didn’t like was when he was bastardized into the demo-goblin courtesy of the infinity war. Diluting an already thin character who no one actually wants to have depth with a terrible storyline really hurt. Let’s be honest. Let the Hobgoblin terrorize the huddled masses with pumpkin bombs and have Spider-Man come and smash him. Case closed.

Now why you gotta go and give him a pumpkin earring? Oof. Otherwise – this piece is actually pretty awesome and if the reserve isn’t set too high, I bet this could go for considerably less than the $1200 buy it now.

Spider Car, Spider Car… why the eff is there a Spider Car?

I never got the Spider Car.

I don’t mean that I didn’t have that toy as a kid, cuz I did. What I mean is, even at 4, I never understood why Spider Man needed a car. Aside from the whole crawling up buildings and swinging across town on webs thing, there’s the fact homeboy lives in NEW YORK CITY. Have you ever tried to drive in NYC? I have. In everything from a 2 door coupe to a 25 ft moving truck. It’s not pretty. You know how the Green Goblin dropped Gwen Stacy off the George Washington Bridge? If Spidey had been driving the Spider Car, she’d still be alive, because puny Parker would have straight up never gotten there, and the Goblin would have gone home out of boredom.

The Amazing Spider Man #14

I always will have a soft spot in my heart for comics that haven’t been vacuum sealed up and packed away to sustain their CGC rating. There’s something about them that just seems more pure, more connected to actual love for comic book then to love of it’s value. So seeing a comic this old, that’s still in a good condition and would probably sell in the thousands of dollars range were it graded, being put on sale with out all the rigmarole, makes me pretty psyched that maybe someone not named Nicolas Cage might actually be able to afford a classic comic for once. Maybe. Possibly.

Bobble your head… metal health will drive you mad.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that bobble heads should be reserved for things like 1970’s cereal mascots, cigarette smoking skeletons in suits, or Rat Fink, but some of the retro costumed Marvel villain bobble heads that Funko has put out are pretty sweet looking.

(Sadly, I couldn’t find a Quiet Riot bubble head to tie in to the title. Oh well.)

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