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Top 100 Summer Comics… #81

Considering there were two coastal Avenger teams, it made sense.

The Avengers took care of all dangers to NYC and the surrounding northeastern area.

The West Coast Avengers pretty much just hung out in Malibu and waited around for Iron Man to show up occasionally. That’s how Clint Barton roles.

But how about the Upper Midwest?

#82 – West Coast Avengers 46

You know, you couldn’t diss Chicago by putting a team of losers there. Chi-town is way too cool. Milwaukee? Nice city, but yeah, you can clown on Milwaukee. But hey, at least you have a super-hero team!! THE GREAT LAKES AVENGERS. Just saying it makes me laugh. I remember vividly seeing the cover and being extremely excited about it. I think this story was absolutely classic and one of John Byrne’s finest moments. PLEASE find this and read – rarely does comic relief actually come across so smooth and fun while maintaining the tone and consistency expected from superhero comic books.

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