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Checking out SPAWN?

This seems like as good a spot to start as any. As I mentioned in my earlier Greg Capullo post, he may have done Spawn better than McFarlane himself, and even a circa 1992 Grant Morrison is one worth looking into. How did I not know these existed until doing some research today? I guess writing a three issue run on Spawn isn’t something that Grant Morrison is necessarily screaming from the clocktower about these days.

One thing should be said about Spawn, and specifically the first say 50 issues – they knew how to throw down a cool looking cover. That might be the only thing to be said, but major kudos to Capullo, McFarlane and Co…

And if collected editions are your thing, here it is in all it’s glory.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #9

So… this Emma Frost lady. Pretty cool. You know her type. Takes what she wants.

Here’s where what she wants becomes Scott Summers, Cyclops.

#9 – New X-Men Annual 2001

Weird thing – this issue was done in a “wide screen” format… which worked. Odd to see it now in the Collected edition… but it’s a cool idea.

Not a whole lot to say other than 1) here begins the Emma/Scott duo that runs the x-verse these days 2) also the first appearance of Xorn… kind of?

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On Earth 2, Comicnoize Is More Popular Than Teetilldeath.

You know the best part about this Grant Morrison written one shot that brought the Crime Syndicate of Amerika into the Post-Crisis DC Universe?

It was a one shot, so Frank Quitely couldn’t friggin’ jump ship halfway through the damn thing!!!

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #92

Not surprising to see Grant Morrison make the list here.

It didn’t take much to get me back into comic books in 1994/95. I was 13, lonely, and no girls wanted to talk to me. But in 2001, it was considerably harder. I had a lot of cool stuff going on, discovered music, vinyl records, and sports even heavier than before and on top of all that, had a lady in my life.

So my hat goes off to Grant Morrison. It was an issue of New X-Men (not this one) that got me back on the bus. My wallet hates you, but my brain loves you.

#92 – New X-Men #150

Though there were 4 excellent Marc Silvestri illustrated issues left of the Morrison run on New X-Men, this is the finale in my head. Jean Grey is killed by Magneto. Magneto is beheaded by Wolverine. All of this and much more. A classic issue – how long did it take for them to retcon much of it? About 5 issues. All of a sudden it wasn’t Magneto but “Xorn” disguised as Magneto disguised as Xorn? Huh? Bad form. However, this issue is a modern milestone. I remember being floored reading it, and that’s rare. Easily one of the best single issues of comic books this decade.

Grant Morrison’s New X-Men

Grant Morrison.


Things happened. Things happened that got me back into comic books, for the umpteenth time. 

For a long time in the nineties, mainstream comics got bad. I mean, REALLY BAD. The focus shifted from good stories teamed with quality visual story-telling to over inflated biceps and stories that were deflating to read. And perhaps never rising above a fifth grade writing level. Thankfully, that changed towards the end of the decade. Lots of reasons for that, which I’ll get into some point in the future. 

Below are links to the three volume collection of Grant Morrison’s complete run on New X-Men, my favorites being the first two, though I would say all three are essential to any fan of modern comics. Immediately familiar characters with an added level of depth from (see above) good stories teamed with great visual story-telling. Frank Quitely gets the lion’s share of acknowledgement for the art, but I think Ethan Van Sciver did a bang up job as well (though there’s some interesting stories regarding his time on the book.) 

Great prices on these. Thank me later.

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