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Art Adams Career Missteps Are Still Pretty Good

I really hated this crossover(?) and I didn’t think it was Adams’ best work. That said, it’s still better than 90% of comic artists, dead or alive. Celebrate that tacky “let’s drop every character who sells into the same book for a week” nonsense with this poster. Take it up to Adams at a con and see if he doesn’t wince just a little.

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Who Are You Really, Ghost Rider?

So instead of doing my job by reporting exactly the facts of the Gary Friedrich V. Marvel (or is it Marvel V. Gary?) I’ve spent the past week posting Ghost Rider related auctions that illustrate how tricky a thing intellectual property laws can be. Here’s another.

The pre-Ghost Rider Ghost Rider appears in this western comic from 1950. Who wants credit for this one?

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Another Sort Of Ghost Rider Auction I Guess

While Joe Q leads the damage control effort for Marvel and Steve Niles keeps the torch lit for the Gary Friedrich charity efforts, we here at Comic Noize keep doing what we do: BARGAIN HUNT.

While stalking Ghost Rider related prey in the virtual safari of Ebay, I came across this bad boy. The auction clearly says Ghost Rider, right? And it is an illustration unless I’m confused. So why am I not looking at a flaming skull? No answers were found, but a certain sense of joy was. Look at this thing. It’s awesome. I’m going to go on record as saying this Ghost Rider kicks the crap out of the Marvel one. Who needs the spirit of vengeance when we’ve got the spirit of the 70s?

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Ghost Rider? Is That You?

So I’m sure a lot of you are aware of this Ghost Rider situation by now. There’s an ongoing legal beef between writer Gary Friedrich and Marvel Comics. More than that, I can’t tell you. I’m still trying to make sense of it myself. I had planned on posting Ghost Rider related auctions for the next few days just to keep everyone’s mind on the subject while I delved deeper into the case, but I got a little derailed today. Derailed by this:

Technically a Ghost Rider related item, this one stretches the boundaries of intellectual property. I mean, it’s sort of Ghost Rider… but it could also just be a terrible vision of someone in a bad accident.

And here he is chilling on the deck. Maybe grilling.

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Your Last Chance To Be the Superhero Known as “Santa”

Quick! Before this auction ends and Christmas ends, grab this weird-as-shit book up! It features the ever-lovin’ Thing working with a very strange-looking version of Ghost Rider to (apparently) bring peace to a very stereotypical rendition of the holy land. How can you beat that?! Check those white arabs and the tacked-on Middle Eastern architecture! Just too awesome for words! Act now!

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Oh Comic Noize, I Neglect You So…

It’s not fair, I know it’s not. But can I help it that posts for sites like TeeTillDeath eat up so much of my time? I’ll try harder, I swear. In the mean time, here’s a glow in the dark Ghost Rider shirt and a sweet white Spidey crewneck to make up for it… and to further tie things to TTD, of course. 😉

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Top 100 Summer Comics #22

Things that often don’t work together.

Ghost Rider and super hero teams.

Ghost Rider and crossovers.

Ghost Rider and outer space.

Ghost Rider and the future.

Somehow, four wrongs made a right.

#22 – Guardians of The Galaxy 13

So it’s not the Ghost Rider that you know. Regardless, it shouldn’t work. This story somehow (like much of the Valentino Guardians of the Galaxy run did) managed to be a fun, well crafted story that brought maximum satisfaction. In fact thinking about that, I would say it’s not a stretch to say that Guardians (and their underrated parallel, New Warriors) have held up better than McFarlane’s Spider-Man, Liefeld’s X-Force, or EVEN Jim Lee’s X-Men. Statement of fact. Go back and re-read if you want to argue.
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Did I click the wrong link?

“Wait. Is this my daughter’s blog feed?

Why is there a box of rings on this comic blog? 

I am not interested in this. BAH.” 

But wait… let’s pop the hood on this “fashion rings” disguise.

BOOM! Marvel hero rings. I wish I could find a better image somewhere online but no luck. Looks like a big selection, with Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Ghost Rider, and Dr. Strange.

Overall the selection makes some sense, considering the time frame this likely comes from. I’m actually shocked NOT to see a Power Man and Iron Fist ring, but hey, the 70’s was unpredictable like that. (Not that I’d really know, I’m an eighties baby). Spider-Woman was basically the female Gambit of the 70’s – came out of the gate raging, but eventually fell out of popularity. I would bet money on a Gambit resurgence in 2015-2020. Bank it. Captain Marvel was big, Ghost Rider was huge, and the Hulk and Spider-Man both had bigger mainstream success. Dr. Strange also somehow found his niche – I’ve always really liked Dr. Strange but never really understood his popularity. Time to pull out the long boxes because my father was a huge Dr. Strange head – the only book he would buy old issues of. 

 Can’t see this being purchased for the price tag, but who knows. Maybe the Mandarin has a lot of kids with a whole lot of fingers…

It was a wet weekend.

So much rain. The apartment next door flooded, the streets flooded, the gym flooded, my friends basements all flooded…

So in honor of that, here’s two classic water themed villains:

Water Wizard was always the one I preferred (and oddly enough, I remember him as being a Spidey villain. Must have had a story in an issue of The Electric Company Magazine), probably because he looked like a super villain, whereas Hydro-man originally looked like a fat guy in chinos (the 00’s saw him get an actual super suit. He was better off in chinos). But it’s Hydro-man who has shown to be the one with the staying power. I think that’s simply because there were more cover appearances available for a guy who turned into water than one who just manipulated it, so he ended up with more public prominence.

Plus given his name and look, there was always going to be a Hydro-man/Sandman team up to look forward to.

Water Wizard got a mid 90s make over of his own, via a name change to Aqueduct, and a spot on the Force of Nature villain team in New Warriors, but it still didn’t raise his stock any. Heck, his new persona debuted in issue 7 of that title, during a 3 issue run where every other member of Force of Nature made it on the cover at some point, yet STILL didn’t get a cover appearance until New Warriors #29. And even then, he was “polluted”.

Poor Water Wizard. You really are the Rodney Dangerfield of water themed villains.

Ghost Rider motorcycle hero…

Sneakin’ round round round in a blue jumpsuit…

Seriously, Ghost Rider might be one of the coolest looking superheroes EVER. A flaming skull in a jumpsuit, who rides a motorcycle. So cool. Or hot. Whichever.

Just look at this cover. The guy was cool from the jump.

His series reboot in the 90s? Grim and gritty, sure, but not so grim and gritty that it doesn’t hold up 10+ years later.

And don’t tell me you wouldn’t wear this.

Seriously, there’s no way to make Ghost Rider not cool.

Nope, not even that. Dude even has his very own song.

Suicide- Ghost Rider.

Sure, it’s weird synthesizer music from the late 70s NY punk scene, and doesn’t seem all that hard. But learn your history. Alan Vega used to swing a motorcycle chain around on stage, and their shows used to end in full blown riots. And if that’s not hard enough for you, Henry Rollins used to cover it in the early days of the Rollins Band.

Rollins Band, 1988.

So yeah, that song is cool as hell. Just like the Ghost Rider.

All hail the king, baby.

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