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If Only the Guy Had Lived To Be 110 Years Old

If Ub Iwerks had lived to 2011, he would finally be seeing some payoff from his time under Walt Disney where, if prevailing wisdom and numerous firsthand accounts are to be believed, he was exploited.

His name came up today in a comic news item I was reading regarding the Marvel vs Kirby estate legal battle. He was used as a point of comparison to Jack Kirby, while Stan Lee was recast as Disney. I can’t really speak to that situation (yet) but it’s an interesting conversation if nothing else. I urge everyone to bone up on their knowledge of the situation. Maybe we’ll have a group discussion at some point. Like a book club, but more heated and opinionated.

In the meantime, check out this Iwerks original. Price tag is a little steep, but let’s chalk it up to fans finally giving credit where credit is due. [Of course, fans only care about you when you’re hot or dead, so this is actually par for the course but we’ll get into that more another time.]

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