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Top 100 Summer Comics… #82

Jeph Loeb had a big day.

Announced today as the new head of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb sure has come a long way since his days at the x-table in the mid 90s.

But sometimes, glory days still feel good once in a while.

#83 – Cable 19

Long story short, Cable kinda sucks. He’s got some really strong characteristics (the Askani stories are some of my favorite Marvel stories ever) but for whatever reasons his really had a lot of low points. Him and Gambit should hold weekly 90’s superhero phenom recovery meetings every Wednesday night. Regardless, Loeb and artist Steve Skroce got it. They did him right, perfect tone and balance of what he was. Loeb continued on with artist Ian Churchill who did a good job, but I was such a big Skroce fan I never really dug it the same. Skroce had a real unique style that I’ll have to dig into at a later point, but this issue was cool. The dude on the cover? That’s Tyler Dayspring, Cable’s son, aka Cyclops’ grandson. WEIRD.

PS – Years later Wolverine gutted this dude.

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