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The Secret To Finding Great Daredevil Art For Low Prices

The secret to finding affordable Daredevil art is to not have Daredevil in the art.

Here’s a page from Daredevil 367. You might notice it’s by Gene Colan and it’s awesome. You probably also notice that there is no Daredevil costume in this piece. It’s Matt Murdock in a cute little boxing outfit. What this does for you is bring the potential cost of this down a great deal. I know you love Daredevil, but if you love him you also love him without the outfit. Get on this before someone else does.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #11

Recently Marvel has been doing some good things with event books. Avengers #500? Game changer. I think this set the tone and bar for Marvel U to do great things with issues that by sheer number SHOULD be great.

This issue certainly fits in with the pedigree.

#11 – Daredevil 100 (volume 2)

Incredible cast of artists including Lee Bermejo, Gene Colan, John Romita Sr and more recent DD favorites Maleev, Lark, and Djurdjevic. Brubaker holds it down and if you are a fan of any modern books, check this one out. It might make you rethink how cool Daredevil can be.

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Setting the bar: Avengers cover art

For a long time, Marvel was dominated by their merry mutants. Before that however, the Avengers were the major force. And now, they’ve regained their throne.

But as good as the series is now, without hindsight it will be impossible to really judge how great their reign has been. Looking back at the Avengers run of the early and mid 1970’s shows that they had their highs and lows, but all in all, set a new tone for art, creativity, and fast paced action. As a nod to that, I picked a handful of covers from the series between issue #50 and #100 to see just how great, ridiculous, terrible and downright perfect comic covers can be. Enjoy.

Avengers #93

aka… Thor smash Fantastic Four. Cap approve.

Avengers #71

aka… this “A” stands for wackass shield!

Avengers #57


Avengers #78

“Okay hear me out. His name is Man-Ape and he’s totally NOT offensive.”

Avengers #98

Whoever loses ends up with War-Hawk’s facial hair styling. Fight hard, brave soldiers.

Avengers #89

Classic x2.

Avengers #63

Underrated cover. Why isn’t this on a t-shirt yet?

Avengers #80

aka… Thor stupid.

Avengers #77

There are definitely far too few comics discussing super-heroes hired for manual labor these days.

Avengers #83

Classic x3. Fitting that Mr.BeathisWife is the main dude being womp’d on here.

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Even legends have off days…

No one’s perfect.

Everyone has spilled their drink. Made a mistake at work. Cut an appendage doing something foolish.

I think that I would liken Stan Lee and Gene Colan’s off day being most alike to severing a finger while trying to cut a sandwich…

The character was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan in Daredevil #25 (February, 1967), and was basically a criminal in a frog costume with springs under his shoes. However, his later improved suit and superior athletic abilities made him a serious fighter.

So what have we learned? Sometimes you come up with Spider-Man. Sometimes, Leap Frog. The greatest success is merely just a tweaked version of the largest failure. Keep the faith.

The Savage Return of Dracula.

I’m a huge fan of the following:

-The “classic” monsters (Dracula, Wolfman, Creature From the Black Lagoon, etc).
-1950’s, 60’s, and 70s horror comics (Tomb of Dracula, Creepy, Werewolf By Night, etc).
-Framed horror artwork (ie Frazetta paintings, original Gene Colan and Richard Corben art, etc).

So if I had $1,500.00 to throw around, I’d probably be bidding on this.

Possibly a tad over priced, since it isn’t artwork from Colan’s classic Tomb of Dracula run (1972-1979; this is from a 1992 one shot that reprinted the first two issues of the original comic), but this is still an awesome looking piece. Certainly looks way more intense in black and white then it does in full color on the actual issue.

A little too pastel for my taste, but still cool. There are literally a dozen copies of this comic available on Ebay, most of them for about 2 bucks. If you want to dip your toe in the 70s Dracula comic pond, there are worse ways to go about it.

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