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Sometimes, you want to go incognito.

You don’t really want to wear your Spider-Man pajamas in front of that new lady who came over. 

You’d rather your coworkers ask about your DVD collection, not your Moon Knight collection. 

And you certainly don’t want to wear your THE MAXX t-shirt to meet your in-laws. 

How do you represent your interests in a toned down, easy does it way? 


The home of coffee before the belly but after the coffee maker, perfect for expressing an interest without screaming from the clock tower. No one is going to get weird with you about it, and it’s perfectly acceptable (well, exceptions are the rule…) to bring to the workplace. 

Classic. An intro level mug. No one would question this one. Suitable for any and all workplaces. 

Another iconic image, this one a bit more… brutal? I’d say you should probably leave this one at home if you work at a daycare. Now if you work as a day trader, or some sort of corporate lawyer, perfect. Cutthroat to the bone.

My personal favorite, a circa ’89 Uncanny X-Men mug. The unforgettable Australian excursion team, consisting of Dazzler, Havok, Psylocke, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue and Colossus. (Not featured here – Longshot. What gives?!) This one will actually bring up some nerdtastic questions, so maybe keep this one for yourself unless you work at MIT or somewhere else where bunsen burners and beakers are the norm.

This one says “I like comics, but I’m not just some ding-a-ling who reads Spider-Man.” I think this would be perfect for a community college professor. Good talking piece for those arduous student hours.

Another appropriate for all mug. Batman is pretty easy, but this at least showcases a sophistication to scoff at Christian Bale’s batman voice and espouse love for the recent Frank Miller / Jim Lee work. 

OR… you can just go with a tried and true classic. 

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