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You Find a Porcelain Bowl Attached to the Floor…

Countdown to Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day continues with today’s auction. It’s the original rulebook for Gamma World, the science fiction stepbrother of D&D also made by TSR. Gamma World’s setting was way post-apocalyptic, to the point anthropomorphic animals wander the wastelands, plants mutated into thinking beings, and any materials of the 20th Century were considered ancient relics. The problem (or joy, depending on your perspective) of role-playing this sort of setting is that everyday 20th Century items must be treated like arcane sources of befuddlement. Your character doesn’t know what a toilet is, so when he stumbles across one in an abandoned army barracks, he might think it’s a feeding troth. Or a throne. You, the player, have to act that out, much to the enjoyment of your crew. HILARITY!

While you’re at it, pick up this bad boy. A campaign module for Gamma World from 1982. Even if you never play, this one is worth it for the art which is imbued with a heartfelt amateurism that is just incredible.

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