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Marvel’s GI Joe #26

As a boy, I loved the G.I. Joe franchise. I had a ton of toys, watched the cartoon and even had a subscription to the comic.

I think my first issue was around 35 (if I was near them, I could walk over and look. Yes, I still have them all).

I read each one thoroughly, poured over the artwork and soaked in the dialogue. This was my Romeo & Juliet, my Dune, my War And Peace.

Obviously, my favorite characters were Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. For many a year, I lusted after the elusive issue #26, where you learned their origins.

After years of combing back issues in various stores (keep in mind, this was pre-ebay. Hell, it was almost pre-internet if we don’t count the localized ARPANET), I finally stumbled upon the issue. The Local Comic Bookstore had it. Downeast Comics in Brunswick, ME. Sadly, they aren’t there any longer.

I rushed home and reveled in it. It was glorious. It was fantastic. It was amazing.

I would go back every few months and re-read it. To this day, still a great issue.

Mine isn’t 9.4, that’s for sure.

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