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I Don’t Get It

Two things I don’t understand wrapped up in one Ebay auction. Joe Mad and variant covers. There’s nothing wrong with either thing, in and of themselves. Joe Mad is a talented artist; variant covers are just more art. They shouldn’t cause such feelings to bubble up in my gut. But they do.

Joe Mad’s art doesn’t flatter any of the things I’m into. His work on X-Men really put me off from that whole period of Marvel and when people talk about Age of Apocalypse I can’t contribute. That whole time is a comic book lacuna for me. I want gravity to my stories and Mad’s art is the opposite of that. It’s pure fun and as uptight as this may sound- I’m not into fun. I get enough fun in the other parts of my life. I want comics to be engrossing and literate. Not lite and fun. I had friends attempt to explain Mad’s Battle Chasers book to me. No dice. Too “fun.”

And variant covers … that topic is worth its own blog post.

Anyway, check this out. It’s Joe Mad doing Vampirella, the character that best illustrates fun for fun’s sake. You may love it. If so, pick this one up.

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The Halcyon Era of Sexual Harassment

Remember the good ol’ days of hasslin’ women at the workplace? Your friend Martin Filchock sure does. Here’s the original art that appeared in Sex to Sexty, an obviously hilarious set of joke books. This knee-slapping gag dates back to the 60’s when the world was still fun.

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