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People can say what they want about it, but I thought Freddy Vs Jason was a fun little monster vs monster movie. Nothing ground breaking or anything, but certainly as even a mash up as we were ever gonna get. Sadly, what we never got was the proposed sequel, which would have thrown in a third opponent, one to battle on behalf of all us cannon fodder… a guy by the name of Ash.

No, not that Ash, THIS Ash:

Of course it never happened, in part because no one would agree on whose franchise should win, (which is a shame, because I was watching the excellent and thorough documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm St Legacy, and in it Robert Englund said he wanted Ash to win, which just goes to show that Robert Englund RULES) but thanks to the wonderful world of licensing, we got to see the three icons battle out anyways, in the pages of Wildstorm and Dynamite’s Freddy vs Jason vs Ash.

Arguably one of the cool parts about this is that it’s pretty much what we would have seen in the movies, since it was based on the original film treatment. Of course, that would have probably changed completely by the time it hit the screen, but still, you get my point. The flip side of that, however, is that a movie script and a comic script don’t necessarily work the same way, and it’s real hard to make Freddy and Ash without Robert Englund and Bruce Campbell inhabiting them. So we ended up with a mixed bag here, albeit a compulsively readable one.

The sequel is where the stakes really get raised, as almost every possible protagonist from the movies comes back in one form or another. I found this to be a vast improvement over the first series just in terms of the upped plot ante alone, though the characterization of Freddy and Ash seemed off at times, but then, I’m a sucker for sequels that drag in every ounce of continuity they possibly can. Just as readable as the first, though in the end just as mixed a bag.

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