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Is Issue 2 Too Much To Ask For?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly psyched to see not one but TWO copies of issue 1 of Monsters Attack up right now, but the issue I’ve been obsessed with tracking down since I was 11 was issue number 2.

Monsters Attack was a short lived b/w horror anthology comic magazine in the style of Creepy and Eerie that came out in 1989, courtesy of the fine folks at Cracked (formerly known as the B grade MAD, now known for being a top notch humor site). It only lasted 5 issues, but that was enough time for young me to stumble upon it while wandering the aisles of the local pharmacy one summer during the yearly family vacation to my grandmother’s house in Mattapoisett, MA (oddly, I’m not sure how it could have been summer now that I see that the covers of issue 1 and 2 were September and October, respectively, but we were def on an extended visit “down the Cape” when I saw it, and while we did go down multiple times year round, extended stays were a summer thing. Maybe it was a warm fall).

Anyways, I remember exactly one story from that issue. It was about two guys fishing on a boat, who came upon a bunch of mermaids, and who accidentally caught one on the line. So they brought it back to the aquarium one of them worked at (or oceanic institute or whatever, at best I was 12 so details are fuzzy) and put it in a tank. Long story short, one guy gets obsessed with the mermaid and jumps in the tank to swim with her… and it turns out the mermaids eat human flesh. The other guy brings the mermaid back out the ocean where the rest of her “school” were and dives in, because he had poisoned himself and them eating him would result in their deaths. Or something like that, again, I was 11 or 12. But the mermaid as cannibal thing stuck with me for YEARS, literally, with no memory of the title of the comic or the story or anything else.

Now thanks to the wonder of the internet, I know that that the story was called Aquacarnivora, with art by the legendary Gray Morrow, and that the comic was Monster’s Attack #2. So if anybody sees THIS floating around a flea market or something, holler at your boy:


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