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When Things Go Wrong…

You are looking at a set three damaged 8″ Sideshow Universal Monsters, Creature, Frankenstein and Wolfman.

*CONDITION: damaged, these have only been displayed and never played with so they have no wear but each has a broken arm that happened during shipping.

No worries. Hit them with some super glue, and they’ll still be around.

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Description? What’s a description?

There are 19 other copies of this issue on Ebay right now. Are they in better condition? Worse condition? Worth more? Worth less? I have no idea. Because all I know about this particular copy is that it’s an “early Spider Man comic”.

Judging from the picture, and the 13 pages of CGC rated comics that this seller has up in addition to this one, I’m going to guess that he/she didn’t think it was in good enough condition to even bother having graded. Which makes the $23 Buy It Now price kind of laughable, since there are some lower numbered CGC graded copies up right now that aren’t even at $20.

However, I’m going to forgive all of that, because the seller is also selling this:

Graded an 8.0 (Very Fine) with a $130.00 Buy It Now? I’m inclined to say it’s worth it, even if the auction itself is still lacking any sort of item description.

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