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You’ve Got a Two-Hour Window to Celebrate the 90s

Everyone had to get that TMNT dollar back then and even Mighty Marvel wasn’t above anthropomorphizing a dolphin to fight on behalf of the environment.

I’ll level with you: this isn’t great. It’s actually vaguely insulting, but it is the runoff of a interesting period. This thing was written by Simon Furman, a creator with a lot of Transformer credits to his name, so I guess that helps explain these awkward Battle Beast outfits the animals are wearing. I can’t explain their motivation for becoming defenders of the biosphere, however. Probably something about them being animals and “more in tune with the planet”. Or something else equally hackneyed. Whatever, turn off your brain and celebrate this oddity. This auction ends in a couple hours, so bid now and bid hard.

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I Wonder

I certainly read this issue. I think I read the first ten issues. I don’t remember a single thing about this series. I’ve also never heard anyone talk about this series. I’ve seen a lot of misdirected nostalgia towards books that are a million times worse than this one. Is being utterly forgettable worse than being a piece of garbage? Did this product waste my money in a way that Styfe’s Strike File didn’t? At least, ten years later, I’m still making fun of Stryfe but I honestly can’t remember if I even like Wonder Man.

Italian food versus Chinese food. One you feel heavy and inert. The other you don’t remember eating.

As a quick aside, how unremarkable is this cover? I understand he’s in Hollywood and all that, but there are some really hokey elements on this cover.

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