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Interesting concepts aren’t always well executed…

No idea when this shirt came out. The print would suggest it’s a more modern design, but the whole style… no clue. Well, here you go. Either the best or the wort Flash shirt ever.

I almost feel like someone had a poorly tie-dyed blue shirt, and some blazed out design dude with way too much authority saw it, murmured “hu-huh, hu-huh” and came out with this. C’mon DC.

And this is why there won’t be a successful FLASH movie anytime soon…
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The Flash. Why Not?

There is no Marvel character that captures the vibe of one of DC’s finest, The Flash. Spider-Man comes close, but not quite there. Wally West (my personal favorite Flash) somehow became the heart of gold, even when standing next to other icons like Superman – he was the standout ‘right is right’ of the team. He also was quirky as hell and had so many good villains it just made him all the better. So for your viewing pleasure…

And just in case you needed a misshapen homage of the USA behind the Flash, here’s a classy poster. DC geography is very confusing, so maybe this map makes sense.

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Awesome Posters are Awesome.

Crisis on Infinite Earths.

DC unscrambled their multiverse swiftly (kind of?) with this one, before it was once again tangled some decades later.

Regardless, AWESOME story. Even better? This Alex Ross poster. The detail and just raw power in this poster is incredible. Even at 5’4″ x 2’6″, it feels like it could be bigger. Like a wall mural. I need Alex Ross to wall mural this in my living room. Or for those feeling cheap, rasterize this one with the color printer at work. Send me the results.

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Mohawk Storm.

In my humble opinion, the only time Storm was ever cool was when she was a bondaged out punker with an attitude problem. The whole “African weather goddess queen” thing? It just never worked for me. So you’ve got storm powers, big deal. I’m not going to worship you. Weather Wizard did your same schtick using a home made magic wand, and he wouldn’t turn into a quivering mess if you locked him in a closet.

He does, however, look way less cool.


One thing DC always had over Marvel? A dedication to gorillas. Sooooo many gorilla characters floating around the DC Universe. Gorilla Grodd, Congorilla, Titano… The Ultra Humanite even had an albino gorilla body. So it stands to reason that there was a Super Gorillas special or two.


Riddle me this. 

Three vintage sticker packs from the 1970’s. 

Featuring some of DC’s best known characters, despite the dubiously missing Superman. 

Now why in the world would two of the three be bid on, but the third remains bidless? 

This world is full of mysteries.  

1 bid.

1 bid.

Zero bids.

Like I said… Weird.

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