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Universal Health Care Mutants

We’ve featured Fastner and Larson art on Comic Noize in the past. But this piece, worth buying for the title alone (“Mutants of Canada – Unite!”), is probably the pulp art-team’s finest moment. Check this mess out. There are so many elements in this thing that would be considered unprofessional today. So many anatomy issues we can’t chalk up to style. And check out that lightning!

My favorite part of this piece is the totem monster fighting Colossus. Certainly, there has never been a better totem monster committed to paper.

That Alpha Flight piece is beautiful. Beautiful because it harkens back to a more innocent time. This makes me want to play Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing and be a real true fan. I’m almost able to separate myself from the idea that Marvel is a massive corporation recently devoured by a more massive corporation. It’s about the fans today, baby. Make mine Marvel! Alpha Flight for life!

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