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So THAT’s why Batman doesn’t like Superman

The 60’s were a great and interesting time for the superstars of DC Comics.

Given that DC and it’s Super Powers predate most of the Marvel U, while The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man were just getting their training wheels, Superman and Batman had already been through the gauntlet.

Hokey live action tv shows? Got ’em. Marvel wouldn’t get their firsts until Lou Ferrigno’s HULK and the Spider-Man show in the 70’s.

But the comics of DC in the 60’s were a treat. Creators were forced to get pretty creative.

And by creative I mean zany.

Main Entry: 2zany

Function: adjective

Date: 1609

1 : being or having the characteristics of a zany
2 : fantastically or absurdly ludicrous

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