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Betty and Veronica (and Elvis).

On a whim, I started looking for Elvis paraphernalia this afternoon, and I stumbled upon this seemingly unrelated item.

At first glance, it seems odd that the auction title would include the King’s name. And a quick skim around the internet revealed that the starting price is a good 15-20 dollars above the average value of a near mint Betty and Veronica comic for that era and issue range. So what’s the deal?

That’s the deal.

No, seriously, that’s the deal. A one page “Star of the Month” bio on Elvis Presley (if I could reproduce that all-American tri-color font for his name here, I would). A more thorough internet digging shows that, while other issues in the #40-50 range stay down around 80 bucks NM, this issue can be worth up to $150. All because of one single, solitary page.

All hail the King.

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