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Stegron The Dinosaur Man.

In my last post, I mentioned how some of my earliest superhero exposure was through the Spider Man feature in The Electric Company magazine. It was also my earliest exposure to one of the best worst Spider-villains ever: Stegron the Dinosaur Man.

Love this guy. He’s basically the Lizard, only a dinosaur. Get rid of the humans, rule a world of lizards, only instead of lizards it’s dinosaurs. Gotta love it.

Ol’ Steggy doesn’t get out all that much, but he still shows his scaly face every now and again, usually in some form of Savage Land related shenanigan. You know what’s weird though? His name is Stegron, and in all his mainstream Marvel appearances, he looks the part. Orange skin, spikes down the back, big tail… yet, and I swear I’m remembering this correctly, when I first encountered him in the pages of The Electric Company, he had green skin, no tail, and triceratops horns. I can find nothing to back this up, but I swear that’s how he looked. Which of course makes no sense since he was still Stegron the Dinosaur Man and not Triceraton the Dinosaur Man…

Am I seriously the only one who remembers him looking that way in that appearance? I even know the issue number: Electric Company magazine #113. Alas, there are no copies up on eBay right now for a confirmation purchase…

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