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Super Bowl Inspired Super Heroics

Well, here’s an obvious one for today. Not terribly creative on my part, but then again it wasn’t terribly creative on Marvel’s part either. What sort of licensing tie-in is this? Fans of comics may also enjoy sports! Alright. Where’s Soccer-Man?

This is more like it. A Ken Kelly EERIE cover in poster size. Look at that salesmanship. That’s the sort of hook that makes you pick up a title. HOW DID IT MEAN DEATH TO THOUSANDS? I WANT TO KNOW.

Have joyful and safe Super Bowl, everyone. GO GIANTS.

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Cash a Savings Bond and Buy This Now!

So here’s a piece that almost certainly never saw publication and was created by someone who either used a pseudonym when signing this work or went on to a career in insurance and never painted again. So why the high asking price for this piece?

Well, it was recovered from the Eerie Publication offices. Could it be that the Eerie name carries such weight that even an unpublished work by an unknown is gifted with value by association? Maybe. Could it be that the seller is insane and attempts to sell everything in his/her life for 600% over market value? Could be.

But here’s the real deal: This piece just rules. It’s amateurish and ugly with a strong raped-by-demon imagery that probably got the artist reported to the school psychologist by a concerned lunch lady. It’s worth every penny. Hell, this seller should double the price. If poorly crafted pieces of shit like the Taj Mahal are considered “priceless” then this thing deserves at least that much.

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I Am A Fan Of The Following Things:

The Creepy and Eerie horror comic-magazines Warren Publishing put out in the1960s.

Eric Powell’s The Goon.

So naturally, I am a fan of this promotional poster for Dark Horse Comics revival of those anthologies:

I have no idea who any of the rest of these characters are outside of Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie, nor do I care. They’re picture perfect additions to the family.

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