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100 Bullets

There are very few books which I kick myself for not reading sooner. 100 Bullets from Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso is one of those books. I’m not sure how I slept on it for so long. I recall a friend of mine talking it up in early 2000. Like, he couldn’t stop talking about it. Somehow, that wasn’t enough for me. It wasn’t until I had some free time over the holiday break that I truly devoted some time to this series. Let me tell you, it was well worth it.

The team up of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso is simply genius. The writing plays off the illustrations, and the artwork boosts the text. It’s a beautiful marriage. I found myself devouring the books. Or wanting to devour the books. Instead, I would typically read 3 or 4, then sit back and reflect on everything going on. There weren’t a lot of characters, but the subtleties took a lot of thinking to wrap my brain around. This series is way more than the typical mob book. It’s not a wacky conspiracy book or even a straight shoot em up book. It’s got a little bit of everything without pandering to the whole world. Going into it, you know it’s going to be brutal, but in the end, I could never have told you who would live or die. It was that treacherous and curved. I came away wanting to read more from Azzarello and would love to see the art of Risso again. Scroll past the last pic for my only beef which may be considered a spoiler.

If you want to get into this book, I’d suggest grabbing the monthlies. This guy has all 100 of them. You can’t beat that.

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Or if you are a TPB guy, go ahead and grab these. Almost a full set. Not bad. You won’t regret it.

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But for the collector, here’s a great piece. This is an autographed Volume 1 TPB. Granted, it isn’t a first edition, #1 book, but it’s pretty cool. Autographed by Mr Azzarello too. on 06-05-2004. Awesome.

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Potential Spoiler: My only beef was how casually dogs were killed. I wasn’t into that. It didn’t sit right with me, and maybe that was the point. But FOUR dogs seems like a lot of dogs to kill in one series. I don’t care how many thugs get it, but something about wacking a dog doesn’t work for me.

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