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Scarlet Book One – Bendis & Maleev

On Thursday, Newbury Comics had a “buy one get one for a $” trade paperback sale. You know I was all over that. I ended up grabbing a few my brother was into too. One that he specifically wanted was Scarlet: Book One. I was game. The cover looked cool enough, and the combination of Bendis and Maleev was a seller for me. I read it. Gave it a go immediately.

Spoilers: 1 page in, and I was already anti-hooked. Breaking the fourth wall is not my thing. Deadpool is not cool. I just don’t get into it. I like to suspend my grasp on reality when I read comic books. I don’t need a character lecturing me. I appreciate messages and undertones. Get your message across through the actions and story. Speaking of the story, how the hell did this “girl next door” turn into a semi-trained killer over night? How did a felon (she must be a felon, right?) get any of those guns? How did she get the drop on a trained police officer, even if he was corrupt and under the influence? How does she know to dump her wig in a puddle to remove prints? I’m sorry, but my suspension of reality can only stretch so far for a comic book that lacks leotard heroines or mutant aliens. Those are my two cents on that. /Spoilers

I’ll give you this, though, the artwork from Maleev is refreshing. I like it. Slight throwback style, not the crisp, refined images we are accustomed. I’m a fan. For that reason, I’d suggest picking up the 5 issue series from daggettscomics. The hardcover I picked up is cool, but how many variant covers do you need to look at? And the script? Probably not super necessary either.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #10

In comics, everyone dies. It’s almost inevitable. Moreso than that, everyone comes back to life. Almost.

There’s a few who I never thought would make it back. And even fewer from that group that I thought would come back and it would be AWESOME… and not corny.

Bucky fell into this rare grouping.

#10 – Captain America 14 (2005)

I urge you, click. See that price tag. Wha? And note, the other copy I found on Ebay was in line with that outrageous price. Still, I understand why. This is the linchpin issue of the modern Captain America saga. Bucky is back as the Winter Soldier – and it’s awesome. The groundwork for Cap getting killed and replaced… and for once, I’d be okay with the replacement keeping the position, even with a resurrected Steve Rogers creeping around the Marvel U again.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #11

Recently Marvel has been doing some good things with event books. Avengers #500? Game changer. I think this set the tone and bar for Marvel U to do great things with issues that by sheer number SHOULD be great.

This issue certainly fits in with the pedigree.

#11 – Daredevil 100 (volume 2)

Incredible cast of artists including Lee Bermejo, Gene Colan, John Romita Sr and more recent DD favorites Maleev, Lark, and Djurdjevic. Brubaker holds it down and if you are a fan of any modern books, check this one out. It might make you rethink how cool Daredevil can be.

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Comic-Con Put Me in a Dark Place

So I attended Comic-Con this past weekend. I saw the most overweight cosplay enthusiast dressed as Joker I’m likely to find. I felt bludgeoned by video game marketing. Saw some breasts. It was a roller-coaster, but in the final summation: there are worse ways to spend a weekend. So why did I leave in such a dark mood? Because I picked up Ed Brubaker’s Criminal trades.

It takes a lot to get me to read crime books or noir stories. Like a gun pressed to the side of my head. 99% of the time I’d prefer to read the packaging copy on deodorant. But Brubaker didn’t do me wrong with his Daredevil work and I needed something grounded in reality after being inundated by stormtroopers for two days.

My review: Shit was good. Really good. Pick it up. Here’s an auction for all four trades at a (currently) bargain basement price. Grab it.

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