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Celebrate the Work Of Brian Bolland Or Go To the Isocubes!

This is as close to owning a Brian Bolland piece as many of us sad brokeasses will get any time soon. He’s one of the most brilliant comic artists of all time and buying his original art, especially art featuring marquee characters like Judge Dredd, requires some capital I just don’t have at this moment.

BUT I do have $100. And you have $100. So, it’s now a shootout for this Eagle-era Judge Dredd comic production art. Am I the only weirdo that pushes production art as the most viable and fun comic-related collectable? Maybe I am, but I have my reasons:

Reason One: It’s still the beautiful art you want.
Reason Two: It celebrates comics as a format and the history of the industry.

In this case, the third reason is that you don’t want to get originals wet from drool when looking at this art. Buy this immediately.

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Is this my favorite creative team? Could be. We might be able to chalk the utter fearlessness of these men on the fact that they are British. Maybe. British people are like mischievous sprites. But I don’t think that tells the whole story. There is something altogether unique about the pairing of Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neil. Something that may not have happened since. Do yourselves the favor and claw over each other to get these books.

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