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Recently there’s been some talk of Dwight Howard, center for the Orlando Magic, and Shaquille O’Neal, former center for the Orlando Magic and current Lebron supporting cast member, in a conflict over the nickname “Superman.”

I figured, someone has to be capitalizing on this. 

I knew that Warner Brothers / DC Comics had put down the “Krypto-Nate” Nate Robinson merchandise (based on the 5’9″ guard dunking over the 6’11” Dwight Howard in the NBA dunk contest two years ago) so I figured there had to be a formal agreement between the parties, and surely enough there is. 

Dwight Howard has formed a partnership with Warner Brothers and DC Comics. The WB/DC Comics team along with GSM will explore ideas to utilize the Dwight’s Superman persona in motion picture, television, animation, literature, comic books and merchandising.

In addition, WB/DC Comics will work with adidas, vitaminwater, Upper Deck, McDonald’s, t-mobile, the Orlando Magic and the NBA to activate and promote this partnership.

But for my money, there’s only one Man of Steel in the NBA. Shaq Diesel. Do you think they even bothered putting this one on DVD yet?? VHS seems the perfect format for this movie.

And for those of you who wear bluegrass on your sleeve, maybe next year John Wall will usher in a new superhero to the pro game.

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