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Happy Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day

It’s all been leading up to this! Game day! Welcome to the big show, baby! You better not be outside on this gorgeous day! It’s basement or nothing on this special day. Time to play some D&D!

I think you’ll agree so much of what’s listed on Ebay is a rip-off. Inflated prices looking to separate you from your hard-earned cash. It’s nice to find something worth every penny. In this case I think we can safely call it a steal. I urge you all to act quickly and pick up this Bill Sienkiewicz illustrated original art for the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon before it sells. At prices like this, it won’t be around for long. Hot deal alert!

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Don’t Forget the Struggle

Another post leading to the upcoming Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day. I’ll be back to posting comics next week, I promise.

History is pretty awesome. It’s just stories building on other stories leading to more stories and from those we pull the ones we find interesting or suit our agendas and we call them “historical fact.” And since most of us are paying for fictional stories, it’s pretty convenient that some of the best stories ever are ones that actually happened.

The history of role-playing is full of unflappable individualists who bravely carried their weirdo banners from obscurity into the public eye. And, often, back to obscurity. TSR was the world to sinky-armpit nerds everywhere in the 80’s but few know the company’s history prior to the launch of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Check these auction gems from the trenches of tabletop gaming. Chainmail is a direct part of D&D’s lineage. Can’t beat that. Reasonably priced too. Know your history.

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You Find a Porcelain Bowl Attached to the Floor…

Countdown to Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day continues with today’s auction. It’s the original rulebook for Gamma World, the science fiction stepbrother of D&D also made by TSR. Gamma World’s setting was way post-apocalyptic, to the point anthropomorphic animals wander the wastelands, plants mutated into thinking beings, and any materials of the 20th Century were considered ancient relics. The problem (or joy, depending on your perspective) of role-playing this sort of setting is that everyday 20th Century items must be treated like arcane sources of befuddlement. Your character doesn’t know what a toilet is, so when he stumbles across one in an abandoned army barracks, he might think it’s a feeding troth. Or a throne. You, the player, have to act that out, much to the enjoyment of your crew. HILARITY!

While you’re at it, pick up this bad boy. A campaign module for Gamma World from 1982. Even if you never play, this one is worth it for the art which is imbued with a heartfelt amateurism that is just incredible.

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We Begin Our Dungeon Crawl Today

So I’m told September 11th is this year’s Worldwide Play Dungeons and Dragons Day. Yes, that’s a real thing. To celebrate, this week’s posts will have a sword and sorcery bent to them. Yesterday’s post was about demon rape, which is an angle I’ve never roleplayed in D&D, but I’m sure someone has. Today, we’re going with the other pillar of being an alienated 16 year-old: hallucinogenic mushrooms.

This auction for original art by Tony DiTerlizzi first featured in 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual. Anyone who has played D&D has seen this piece. It’s a subtle classic and needs to be in the hands of someone who will appreciate it.

This post is timely because in the news today researchers revealed hallucinogenic mushrooms have proven useful in reducing stress in cancer patients. No shit. It’s called being high, man. Also works on AIDS patients, Lupus patients, burn victims, people with broken ankles, those suffering from twitchy eyelids, hiccups and athlete’s foot.

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