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Where Is Green Arrow When You Need Him?

We need heroes in this book! Otherwise how will these teens learn the dangers of drug abuse? Oh, right. Sanctimonious weirdo gibberish from some public works office. Got it. That’s actually better than superheroes because it stands less chance of being taken out of continuity.

Buy this for your drug addict friend. It’ll be a very fun gag gift.

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I’m Trippin’ Balls Over Here, Maaan

My Ann Nocenti worship post yesterday led me to take a closer look at her career. Fun fact I wasn’t aware of- she created Mojo, Marvel’s most confusing character. I thought maybe I didn’t understand the character because I’ve only picked up portions of his story. He bounces around the “X” end of the Marvel universe and I don’t read every one of those books. Perhaps his story seemed fractured to me because of my failure to have the million dollars needed to keep up with X-Men for the past 25 years.


This dude is wild. There is no understanding this guy. I just spent an hour on his wikipedia entry and feel like I’ve just returned from a wormhole that bent time and space into color and song. Even if you grasp his incredibly weird introduction, the path that he took under various writers is like wandering through a psych ward on a full moon.

If you like a challenge, start at the beginning. Mojo’s first appearance is Longshot issue 3. One pill makes you bigger…

Another fun fact: Ann Nocenti was an editor at High Times for a year. It all comes together.

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