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The best flamehead in the Marvel U. Ghost Rider looks like a punk next to this guy. The dread…


And on a fan note – thank god for Dormammu or Dr. Strange’s arch nemesis would some chubby dude named Baron Mordo.
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Top 100 Summer Comics #23

A very special installment today. An issue that holds a place in my heart for a lot of reasons, and none that particularly extend from the story itself.

#23 – Doctor Strange 2

The cover itself jumps off the rack. It did back then, and it still would today. Love the image, somehow this has always been my favorite cover for any Dr. Strange or Dormammu story, period. I must have read this issue 300 times – but it’s probably been a decade since I last did. Excuse me on that fact. I will say the first 25 or so issues of this, the Dr. Strange series that started in the late ’80s, were excellent. They had a dark edge that made them stand out a bit from the rest of the group at Marvel at the time.

But why I really felt this issue when I came across it was that Dr. Strange was my father’s favorite Marvel character. I remember him being visibly excited when he picked up this issue, having missed the first issue when we had gone to the comic shop the previous month. We wouldn’t go every week, my pops worked way too much for that, and the closest shop was downtown, a solid 20 minute drive for us. But we would go and he would let me pick up just about as many books as I wanted. He would read a lot of them, and he would always talk to me about what was going on if he wasn’t up to date on the latest story.

When I saw him excited for a comic book it must mean that that book was not just good, it was GREAT. And so I read it. And read it. And read it.

I guess what this all comes down to is the importance and influence you can have on a child. I’m not a parent, and have no impending plans on that, but I will never forget what having my father, the person who was without question my best friend and biggest influence, talk to me, encourage me, and engage me in reading. Thanks pa. Miss ya’.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #86

I’m a sucker for Alpha Flight.

They were the weird, twisted bizarre Canadian superhero team. A perfect blend of odd and relatable characters, that whole proto-government team permeated the entire series, and has there been a better blueprint for that than the Alpha / Beta / Gamma Flight teams? Department H was the concept that spawned all sorts of government paranoia / big brother ideas in the Marvel U.

But the series would also get kind of weird.

#86 – Alpha Flight 67

Remember Shaman? Snowbird? Yeah, Canada is mystical as hell. And as such, what better villain to introduce than Dreamqueen, the tortured spawn of Nightmare? What other superhero book could transition from government control overtones to dreamscape villains easier than the ‘Flight? None. This issue stands out – and in no small part due to that cover. Killer.

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Now I just need to find a ViewMaster…

I think everyone in the age group of 20-40 probably owned a ViewMaster at some point in their childhood.

Looking back, it seems pretty wack, but I only have warmth in my heart for this weird toy.

I think if I had to explain this to someone under the age of 16 at this point, I would say…

“Well, it was before the internet. And before handheld mobile devices; it even predates the original gameboy. So, imagine something you could carry around and “watch” a story, but there’s no audio. You had to read along with it on the screen. You couldn’t use it in the dark, really.”

“I don’t think you’d be into it.”

But man – look at how cool those viewmaster slides look.

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Marvel Third Eye Posters

In the early 70’s, Marvel was hot.

Not hot like today, with all of the movies, the disney merger, and a pretty great decade of comics just past, Marvel is riding high. But in 1971 – Marvel had shown some stick for their series, their characters, and their brave new world that was really just under 10 years old.

So, while the iron was hot, why not hit the public with some killer blacklight posters! I say that jokingly, but these posters produced by a somewhat seminal company, The Third Eye Inc., who produced not just these but other black light posters of the time. I think they are pretty cool, but here’s two of my favorites. Some of these, in good condition, can sell for a pretty penny.

Pretty iconic, and honestly, much better than any of the movie related posters out there. No diss, but c’mon. They just can’t pull this image off for the masses.

Perfection. Simply stated “Dr. Strange meets Eternity.” Wow. If this were in better shape, I guarantee it would be a lot higher starting bid…

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