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Is Marcos Martin the Best Artist In Comics?

Yes. He is. Buy these.

Poster for your wall. Fight nazism wherever it’s found. Who can argue with that? Hopefully not your wife or husband who insists you take down the comic book posters from your wall. Ask them whose side they’re on.

Very important you read this. Either for the Martin art or the Vaughn story or for your love of Doctor Strange. Whatever gets you there, just read it. It’s fantastic. All issues for cheap here. Buy.

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Practitioners of the Mystic Arts Take Note

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to confess this piece isn’t worth what the auctioneers is asking. Also, I think it’s very unlikely that any of you are willing to pony up the sort of scratch needed to buy it for half the price. So why am I posting it?

Because it’s beautiful. It’s just a great Silver Age splash with all the fixings. Check out the incredibly expository dialogue (er, monologue) and narration. Too fun. I just got back from WonderCon and will be posting on that starting tomorrow, but I thought it would be a nice change of pace to just post something beautiful. Hats off to Dan Adkins.

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