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Brian Wood… If He Could

Does anyone remember the tagline for the film Cool World? Well, I just stole it for the title of this post.

Anyway, Brian Wood is a talented dude. His “look how well I know young people” material is flat for me, but his grittier work is great. He’s working on a property called The Massive right this second that I think deserves more attention. This post is meant to get you interested in him as a writer, if you aren’t already.

DMZ is one of his career highpoints. Manhattan is a demilitarized zone separating the armies of the second American civil war. The main character is a reporter covering life in the zone. Sometimes melodramatic, but never truly ham-fisted, this book ranges from conspiracy to slice-of-life. It feels authentic across the board. Check out the auction below. It’s the first 23 issues of the series for a low price. You could get the trades, but then you’d be a poser.

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