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If Only the Guy Had Lived To Be 110 Years Old

If Ub Iwerks had lived to 2011, he would finally be seeing some payoff from his time under Walt Disney where, if prevailing wisdom and numerous firsthand accounts are to be believed, he was exploited.

His name came up today in a comic news item I was reading regarding the Marvel vs Kirby estate legal battle. He was used as a point of comparison to Jack Kirby, while Stan Lee was recast as Disney. I can’t really speak to that situation (yet) but it’s an interesting conversation if nothing else. I urge everyone to bone up on their knowledge of the situation. Maybe we’ll have a group discussion at some point. Like a book club, but more heated and opinionated.

In the meantime, check out this Iwerks original. Price tag is a little steep, but let’s chalk it up to fans finally giving credit where credit is due. [Of course, fans only care about you when you’re hot or dead, so this is actually par for the course but we’ll get into that more another time.]

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Just In Case You Needed Your Childhood Memories to be Sexualized

Here you go. In the off-chance you needed to revisit your childhood in a hyper-sexualized and jarringly provocative way, here’s some original art featuring Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Unlike the one in the film who was pushing 300lbs, this Ursula be lookin’ good, sonnnnn.

Next up, I’ll scour Ebay for original comic art featuring a nasty group situation with the gang from Riverdale. Maybe some Archie/Jughead eroticism.

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My favorite Uncle.

I’ve got a lot of uncles. When your father and mother combine for a total 10 siblings, you’re bound to have some good ones. 

Some people might have had some bad uncles, but not me. I guess I’m lucky. 

But my absolute favorite happens to have a bill, a top hat, and a cane. And a whole lotta money. 

Uncle Scrooge, aka Scrooge McDuck. As a big fan, I’ve done  a little research about him. I have to admit that my first exposure was the Duck Tales cartoon. And actually, it’s held up. I don’t own the dvd’s, but maybe you want to…

And for those who are WAY in the know… you probably are already familiar with the Uncle Scrooge comic series. A series that was recently picked up by BOOM! Comics, and has run consecutively for over 50 years now, over the span of six different publishers. The “Gold Key” publishing era is a particular highlight. I’ve scooped out a couple of these and have pondered getting into the game. Not yet though…

And love this one too. Someone put this on a shirt for me, asap!

And tell me this wouldn’t look perfect in a guest room or office. Classy. 

And for those of us on a more confined budget – the perfect knick knack for any fan of the clan McDuck. (PS If you are looking for more history on this one of a kind family, go here.) 

Oh, and remember that shirt I just asked about? Well nevermind, because I found this joint in an XXXXL. That’s not a typo. 


Missed the chance to yuck it up for St. Patrick’s Day. Honestly, as an Irish who doesn’t drink, I think it’s kind of a bummer (understatement) what St. Patrick’s Day has become. Anyways, off the soap box. 

And into the easter eggs. And candy. Especially peeps and reese’s eggs. 

On top of that, I’m just going to leave you with quotes from the actual auctions on these. If you didn’t know, sometimes people selling this stuff have interesting stuff to say, both with specific items and their general rules and miscellanea. 

“This is our 3rd year doing Easter Baskets on eBay! We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating, and we aim to keep it that way! All items included are new.  Items come from a smoke-free house.  We do have a dog (17 yrs), which is not around my e-bay stuff. “

Item Listing: Spiderman Carry Basket EASTER Basket NEW Lined Red

Description: “This is a great basket / Carry all for a Spiderman lover.  Use as Trick or Treat or for Room Organizer.”

Translation: Multipurpose holiday carry all. Or room organizer?

“Shop Ebay and save on gas!”

“EASTER STORY #1 Good Comics Book

Let’s Get Dangerous…

Coming out of Emerald City Comic Con last week was the news that every kid’s favorite 1990s Disney Afternoon super hero parody Darkwing Duck will be getting brought back by BOOM comics for a 4 issue comic book mini-series. However, this is not the first time the Masked Mallard appeared in comic book form.

Unfortunately, this (also 4 issue mini) series simply adapted the first episode of the cartoon, rather than telling an original tale. As a result, it didn’t focus on the best part of the cartoon: Darkwing’s rogues gallery.

You had Bushroot, your basic Plant Man/Floronic Man character.

Steelbeak, kind of a cross between James Bond villains Jaws and Blofeld.

Megavolt, the Electro of the group.

And then there was Negaduck, the evil Darkwing from another dimension. And Quackerjack, the Joker to Darkwing’s Batman. And so on. The Darkwing rogue’s line up drew from the very best galleries around, making for a line up that was equal parts Batman, James Bond, Spider Man, and the Flash. There was the occasional clunker to be sure (Ammonia Pine, the evil cleaning lady terrorist anyone?), but even the aforementioned all time great galleries of villainy had those. Even the 1992 Nintendo game made sure that the focus of the game was battling the rogues, Mega Man style.

So it’s nice to see that this new comic mini series promises to showcase as many of the Darkwing Duck rogues as possible. Now all we need is for Disney to actually put out the third dvd collection that they’ve been sitting on for three years…

Blackbeard’s Ghost.

Never got to see this movie as a kid. I tried, once, but got in a fight with my sister and was promptly banned from tv watching for the rest of the day. Never ever got to watch it again, and I highly doubt it aged well. Maybe I’ll just settle for the comic adaption.

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