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Original Rob Liefeld Artwork Youngblood, Spawn, Deadpool, Cyberforce

mtwice aka Rob Liefeld is selling some awesome original art pieces. These boards would look great framed in an office or living room. Act fast because there is not much time left on these, the vultures are circling.

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Rob Liefeld’s New Mutants plus Levis 501 Denim

Back in the early 90’s I remember seeing a commercial for Levi’s Jeans that featured a young up and coming artist named Rob Liefeld. The commercial was directed by none other than Spike Lee, who at the time was directing a lot of Nike’s commercials. In the background you can see images of The New Mutant comics that Rob had begun illustrating for Marvel. The title was in a major slump until Rob came along and pulled it out. Later on Rob would leave and start Image comics along with some other great artists. Rob has been no stranger to controversy his career like many other artist has been plagued with many ups and downs. But I would rather focus on some of the milestones instead. These are few of my favorite New Mutant’s issues.


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Deadpool x Joe Mad x Original Art

I don’t think anyone here is a big Deadpool fan, but I see his value. Maybe not even that – I see his potential. But right now, he’s the equivalent of food options on a cross country drive. You know there’s amazing food somewhere, and you want it, but all you are seeing are McDonald’s and Subway. No one’s doing the work to make this character more than a literal idiot babble stream of thought. But – the sales are there, so who am I?

Anyways, this is one of the best original art piece auctions I’ve ever seen. With two days left, it’s still at a very reasonable price, and it has a potentially awesome feature for presentation. You get the original Joe Madureira pencils, Joe Rubinstein inking, and Laura colors – so you get the entire work as it moves through the traditional comic art process. I could see this being put into a three panel frame, pencils to the left, inked work in the middle, and the final colored piece to the right.

If you are a fan of original art, you must see the auction. So cool.

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Monday is Merc Day

I work in an area that has far more homeless people than permanent residents. Of those thousands of homeless, many, sadly, are fighting mental illness. I interact with them every day and always walk away grateful that I don’t have to wrestle with mental health issues. Coming into contact with the mentally ill on the regular, I’ve become battle-hardened to nuttiness. I’m difficult to faze when it comes to compulsive or antisocial behavior.

But sometimes Ebay straight-up scares me.

Here’s an auction that I won’t say much about except that to get the full scope of what’s happening here, you have to click on this and check her asking price.

Also, I still hate Deadpool.

Speak of the devil. Here’s that painfully one-dimensional “merc with a mouth” in a costume with a color scheme that doesn’t make him look exactly like a confused Spider-Man. Now he just looks like a stupid version of Grendel.

I bet Deadpool would be saying something really “funny” right here.

Oh. Haha. He’s playing guitar. I bet fans of Deadpool are also fans of musical comedy. And Dane Cook.

Deadpool’s weapons? Or Carrot Top’s box of gags?

The craftswoman at work. A little peek behind the scenes. For inspiration when working on a Deadpool custom, she probably listens to Carlos Mencia’s comedy special.

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I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with a Piece of Paper

I hate Deadpool. This herb, along with Cable, turned me off from comics for a full two years. These characters have as much pathos as a patio furniture and their origins are the most confused sort of art-by-committee nonsense you’re likely to find.

I love Taskmaster. He’s the perfect low-level villain. A miniboss worthy of the title. Most amazingly, he actually becomes more interesting as time goes on, instead of becoming a one-dimensional caricature of himself- something that can’t be said for 90% of second-tier characters.

So this piece is a split decision. Sure it has Taskmaster, but it also has that non-character Deadpool. I think it comes down to if you’re a McGuiness fan or not… and have the $1,000 to spare.

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