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Is Deadman the All-Time Best DC Character?

In answer to this post’s headline: Yes. No question. Deadman is awesome. He’s the only DC character I’ll read without being prompted. Simple idea; character anyone can relate to; cool costume. How’s that for a magic formula?

Neal Adams is as influential as Jack Kirby when we’re talking about the impact he had on artists. Did he leave as big a mark on pop-culture? No, but that’s virtually impossible so let’s cut him some slack. What he did he did better than anyone and everyone since then has scrambled to stand in his shadow. THERE ARE SPLASHPAGES OF HIS CAPABLE OF MAKING YOU DIZZY. THINK ABOUT THAT. IT’S A STILL IMAGE. THERE IS ONLY IMPLIED MOVEMENT, YET IT STILL MAKES YOU WOOZY. CRAZY. The work he did with the Deadman character reminds even the most jaded comic reader that there have always been men and women willing to up the artistic ante.

Here’s something you can’t afford.

And here’s something you can afford. Do it.

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