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Weak Sauce

We’ve posted some pretty cool gear here. Some weird stuff, but overall pretty top tier selection.

I’m not gonna lie – that Alpha Flight shirt sometimes whispers my name late at night. I need to own it.

But there’s a WHOLE other side to comic book related shirts. We’ll start with one that is crying out in every possible way, and that cry sounds like “EW.”

That’s the front of the shirt. It definitely appears that the sleeve print is larger than the front print. Huh. Interesting choice, designer. Where was the quality control on this – both from Marvel and/or Upper Deck, who have emblazoned themselves onto the sleeve? What’s worse, is the craptacular front really destroys the cool factor of the back of the shirt, which is cool enough.

OKAY… It is a shirt for the Marvel Trading Card Game. Got it. But couldn’t you have done something a little cooler? (Cue picture of Stan Lee looking over his shoulder at piles of terrible licensed merchandise, one tear falling down his face…)

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