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The Timmverse You Never Knew

You may know Bruce Timm from his work on a multitude of television projects, including the much-loved Batman: The Animated Series. People are so into this dude that fans call his body of work in animation “The Timmverse” and consider it the creme de la creme of the DCAU (DC Animated Universe, bro).

I don’t get into much animation, or television, or film beyond the “too lazy to change the channel” zone. But I can recognize Timm’s work. That means he’s big. Also, I can recognize a superfreak with a brain full of kink. The following auctions prove Timm isn’t just about Bat-gadgets. Dude knows where the party’s at.

This one has a sexual-assault underpinning so I’m gonna refrain from saying this piece turns me on, but that’s a pretty girl, right?

Ok, now it’s getting clearer. This dude has DEFINITELY seen a naked lady before.

Proof positive. He’s a nasty dude. 8 pages of this sketchbook devoted to nudes. We know he wanted to do more but figured they might move his table to the basement next year at SDCC if he did.

Timm Bruce: Approved! I’m gonna start watching DCAU in the hopes of a Harley Quinn nip-slip.

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