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The Career Left Turn

Before he entered his current strata of OBVIOUS weird dude, the LESS OBVIOUS weird dude Frank Miller was a creative powerhouse.

Let’s all sigh together.

Then click on the images to check out auctions that bring the pre-unhinged Miller to your longbox for next to nothing. Good dealz.

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Hat Day At Gotham City Arena

Hats, dude. Comic hats. The most visible freak-flag out there. Go get one. Tell the world you truly do not give a crap.

Here’s the closest I could find to a wearable comic book related hat. Not too goofy, could be a sports team at a glance and isn’t a New Era flat-brim (the surest sign you only date women who work at Mr. Subb). This hat is passable… until you get to the “adjustable fit” component. What does that mean in this case? I don’t know. Hopefully one of those wack velcro dealies, because as lame as those are, they’re still cooler than snapbacks. Snapbacks are in right now, but in among people you want nothing to do with.

To give you an idea of how corny I think snapback hats are, check this auction out. I’d rather wear this Jughead-branded headpiece than a snapback. This thing is collectors-only because if you wear it in public people scooch down a few seats from you on subways and buses. Though, for what it’s worth, this hat is way cooler than your average “young skateboarder” beanie.

Here’s today’s clear winner. Put this on and feel all the power and mystique of Gotham’s caped crusader. Or feel like a true weirdo with a tenuous grasp on reality. Either/or.

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A Walt for Every Budget

We’ve done Simonson posts before here on Comic Noize, but really we could never do enough. The dude is a icon. So here’s a few auctions for you to peruse. Some original art, some production art and some mass-market stuff. Even if you don’t like Simonson (what? You crazy?) check the price on the commission. Who says we’re in a down economy?

Production art. I pump this stuff as much as possible. It’s just NEAT, bro.

A print from 84. Superman seems like kinda a dick in this one.

A 26 year old commission. Though the asking price is outside of what I’d pay for a car, nevermind an illustration, it is cool as hell.

A really cool poster that you’re going to have to try hard to convince your non-comic-reading domestic partner to hang in the living room. Good luck.

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Powerful Stuff

While many people are dropping off DC books in anticipation of the, apparently, very frightening company-wide reboot, I’m starting up. I’m going to try my luck with Power Girl. This is the sort of thing that interests me not even a little. But Jimmy Palmiotti won me over with Jonah Hex and I’ll give anything he does a chance.

On a related note, this is what I think of when someone mentions Power Girl. This is a pretty sketch from a professional artist, Tim Vigil, best known for his horror/naked chick books. I like breasts, but I’m not typically willing to pay for print versions.

This is also what I think of when I think of Power Girl. Really, really bad amateur art with really, really bad comic book stereotypes. This one is done by The Iguana. Yes. That’s right. This dude again.

Here’s the reality. And this is what I’ll be reading. So I’m going to push those images above out of my head and approach this with an open mind. Wish me luck. I’ll report back.

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Kirby Production Art is Still Kirby Art

I’ve posted on both Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth and the value of production art. Well, now we’re doing a mash-up. Here’s some production art from that comic. Kirby art will run you over a grand for even the most insignificant pages, but PRODUCTION art will cost you a fraction of that and you still get to see Kamandi in all his boyish glory PLUS you see how comics were constructed before the advent of Apple.

Also, I’ve been reading Kamandi over the past couple days. Holy shit was this a weird book. Kirby not only wrote it and drew it, but he edited it as well. THERE WAS NO OVERSIGHT. Think about that. Dude let it all hang out and as a result there are some serious Ed Wood moments of in-series and in-issue(!) continuity flubs. Kamandi is the only human in the book who can speak. Until he isn’t. And then he is again. It’s great. Also, the letter pages from that period are unbeatable. “I think it’s best that Flower died, because she would have just slowed Kamandi down and prevented him from reaching his destiny as the real hero he’s meant to be.” Thanks for the comment, Julian Savre of Apache Junction, Arizona!

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Batman/Daredevil: Kings of New York

In 2000 this crossover comic teaming Daredevil with Batman was released. Sometimes I like crossovers and sometimes I don’t. In this case these two superheroes complement each other very well. Both have similar backgrounds and personalities. The story revolves around Catwoman stealing something valuable of Kingpin’s and bring it to Gotham city. Daredevil follows and joins up with Batman. It turns out that Scarecrow is behind the crime. If you get a chance pick this up from bgifford.iv. I think you will enjoy it.

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When I was young, my folks gave me money for a Nintendo. I don’t remember much from my childhood, but I remember this. It was the most money I had ever held and I was shocked my parents allowed me walk to the toy store by myself carrying that sort of loot. At the store, I spent a lot of time staring at the NES I came to purchase. Then I bought a Sega Master System.

I don’t know why I made the decision I did, but it resonated with me for years after. I’m still a Sega man. I’ve always dismissed Nintendo has “for little kids” (Wii confirmed all that, if there was any doubt before). If Sega made a game system today, I’d probably opt for it over the competition.

Comics are the same way. At Fay’s Drug in¬†Delaware¬†Plaza, I picked up Web Of Spider-Man — not The Blue Beetle — and the rest is history. “Make mine Marvel” and all that. Even now, with an expanded palate that includes the “important” DC work, I still don’t really know many of the company’s characters. Hawkman, for example. Is he like Thor? He’s from some hawkland or some shit? Why is he here? I don’t have the answers, but if Hawkman was still being penciled by Shelly Moldoff, I would probably pick his books up. Check this auction. I’ve seen Shelly stuff I like better; stuff that makes more sense; stuff that pops more. But this is just so straight-up and honest, it’s hard not to love. It makes me want to learn more about Hawkman, and Hawkland or wherever the hell he’s from.

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Super Plants?

I legitimately never had a clue that there was enough crossover business between comic book fans and fans of gardening to justify the merchandising coup that is DC superhero planters…

You learn something new every day. Definitely cool to see Captain Marvel filling out the 4th spot.

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What’s the statute of limitations on a character? Like, when is he so ubiquitous that to do your own version of him isn’t parody and isn’t theft, it’s just… homage? A character like Superman is part of the cultural milieu, interpretations and new takes are expected.

But what about bit players? What about the characters who aren’t quite as universal?

The Impossible Man made his first appearance in 1963, almost 20 years after the first appearance of DC Comic’s resident reality-bending imp, Mister Mxyzptlk. Are they really that similar? Well, hard to say, because there aren’t too many other points of reference for cross-dimensional mischief makers but I think it’s fair to say one influenced the other.

This auction is for one of Impossible Man’s Summer Vacation Spectaculars he starred in back when people would buy anything. Because today is a holiday, IM is getting the nod over Mister Mxyzptlk. Impossible Man knows how to keep it breezy.

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They’re Baaaackkkk…

I’ve posted about my love for the Suicide Squad on here before. It’s not a secret. But I only just recently got a chance to read the entirety of John Ostrander’s return to the title in the 8 issue “Raise the Flag” miniseries that came out in late 2007. And you know what? The man didn’t miss a beat.

Vintage SS on every level here, from the story behind Rick Flag’s return from the dead (sort of) to The General and The Thinker plotting against Amanda Waller, to Captain Boomerang Jr picking up right where his dad let off getting under Deadshot’s skin, to the return of one shot ex-Squadders like Plastique and William Hell and a of course a high body count and some limbs blown off by remote control… it’s like the Squad never left. And with a Suicide Squad video game getting announced at SDCC, hopefully another new series won’t be far behind.

Highest possible recommendation.

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