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Be a Star!

How many of you know what it is to really matter? How many of you can possibly understand what it is to be a disco-goddess-turned-pop-princess? None. You are all worms without the ability to groove. But Dazzler knows. She’s seen the ups and the downs of this industry and she has weathered all storms. She’s the real deal. A performer without compare. A worthy member of the music pantheon, sitting beside Gloria Gaynor and Bootsy Collins. Buy these pages from the comic and stare at them for a few hours a day. Maybe some of that magic will wear off on you and you’ll have some value.

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I Can’t Post A Lot This Week…

…so I’m gonna post lots.

Seriously though, having some ill computer over heating problems over on my end. Not cool. Combine that with a sudden refusal to hold a charge while plugged in, and things are pretty pear shaped over here. And speaking of Pear Shape, here’s a sick Dick Tracy lot:

Hopefully I’ll have a computer that will stay on longer than an hour by the end of the week and I can get back up to speed…

Ok, no more punning around, I have a computer to try and fix. Hopefully see you all soon.

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Shut It Down, Fellas. We’ve Found the Best Auction Ever.

No need for further posts; we’ve found a winner. Anytime the seller refers to himself by his Columbian druglord streetname, in this case “The Iguana”, you know you’ve got something special. But pair it with some oversized cartoon titties presented on the most worthless medium imaginable (sketchcard) and you’ve really caught lightning in a bottle.

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