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Doing Lapham’s Dirty Work

David Lapham is selling some stuff. Some stuff you may want. Dude has high points and some deep troughs to his work, but there’s no debating his talent. Here’s a design piece from his Young Liars series. It’s nice to put money directly in a creator’s hands when you can. Jump on it!

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Stray Bullets… kinda.

Maybe you’re familiar with David Lapham’s work.

Stray Bullets is his mangum opus, or at least, it is so far. But what about Amy Racecar?

With sort of a cult following and limited print runs, I bet this one doesn’t pop up all the time, so even with a relatively high price tag, this is a score. With his more mainstream work continuing to grow, I’d expect that some day this will be worth more than you paid for it. Random fun fact I found out today – Jim Shooter discovered Lapham and his earliest work was for Valiant Comics. The more you know… *shooting star*
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