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So here’s an oddity that seems tied entirely to its time. A 1996 Xeric Award winner that features a ‘jam’ comic with Dave Sim, Paul Pope, Mark Oakley, Matt Feazell, Scott Roberts, Steve Remen, Greg Hyland, Joe Chiappetta, Rick Veitch, James Kochalka, Sam Henderson, Oscar Stern, Rob Walton, and Jim Gownley.

Could this sort of thing ever happen again? Apparently. I wrote one of the bigger names on that jam comic last night and woke up to a nice email from a man willing to do some work for my project. That’s dope. The indie dudes never left their grind. They’re still out there and still picking up work wherever it comes from. Respect that. Hire one today.

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A Familiar Focus For Wingnut Wednesday

I think it goes without saying that Wingnut Wednesday will be 80% Dave Sim content, 17% Steve Ditko material, and 3% assorted smaller names. The Wingnut Wednesday title may seem derisive, but make no mistake- these are men and women I respect. They are the voices from the wilderness calling out for change. Individualists to the last. Actual creative people.

No one may be reading his recent works, but the respect for Sim hasn’t dimmed. His pieces still command prices worthy of a indie pioneer (that is to say, elevated but not unreasonable).

Here’s some original art from Sim. The fact that this comes from an upstate NY convention in 1981 makes it that much cooler.

And the fact that this comes from a student newspaper makes it the coolest.

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Rugged Individualist Friday

Now I know I promised you something you’d actually want to buy today, and I think I have. Some of you will balk and feign disinterest, but you’ll eventually have to admit that original art from two of comic history’s biggest wingnuts is worth the asking price (even at many thousands…). Both men are among the most fiercely independent and bizarre to ever contribute to comics. And boy did they contribute. These are shadows none of us can get out from under, nor should we want to.

Dave Sim, everyone.

Please show your respect for Mr. Steve Ditko.

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Cerebus complete lot. Mostly.

Personally, I never really got into Cerebus. Dunno why. Clearly, a lot of other people are. From 99 cents to 255 bucks in just 4 bids, with 3 days to go. Double autographed too.

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