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The Boys.

I never want it to be said that I’m unfair, so I took the liberty of catching up with the complete (so far) run of The Boys this past weekend. Never been a big fan of it, since for the most part I feel like the concept has been played out and that Garth Ennis’ habit of painting costumed superheroes as closet cases and psychos is past deconstruction and just bordering on mean for the sake of it. Fortunately, after reading it in one sitting, my opinion has changed. Slightly.

Do I still find The Boys mean spirited? Yes. But not as much as I once did, as there’s actually a bit of heart under there. Especially when it comes to Wee Hughie. He really is a likable character (being based off Simon Pegg, one of the most instantly likable faces in acting, obviously helps), even when he’s being made to look like a fool. But when it comes to the superheroes, it’s nothing but spite and vitrol and perversion all the way. The rare exceptions are humiliated pretty much through out, even as they strive towards better. BUT…

…it’s turns out that The Boys is a great read. I seriously couldn’t put it down. The Boys themselves are all as intriguing as the main heroes are predictably perverted and villainous, and for the most part the revelations behind both of them are satisfying. The plot twists and turns enough to keep things interesting, even with one or two of the story lines falling flat (this is due in part due to the occasional sabbaticals from Darick Robinson; legendary Judge Dredd penciler Carlos Ezquerra doesn’t bring his A game to the issues he covers and Herogasm/regular fill in artist John McCrea is just plain bad), and I absolutely want to see where Ennis is going with this.

I still can’t say I care for the number of times Ennis beats the “superhero does kid sidekicks” drum, or any number of perverted superhero trope drums for that matter; when it comes to his villains misdeeds he doesn’t get very creative all that often. But can I say that I’ve changed my mind and that I actually like the series? Yes. Yes I can.

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