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The Secret To Finding Great Daredevil Art For Low Prices

The secret to finding affordable Daredevil art is to not have Daredevil in the art.

Here’s a page from Daredevil 367. You might notice it’s by Gene Colan and it’s awesome. You probably also notice that there is no Daredevil costume in this piece. It’s Matt Murdock in a cute little boxing outfit. What this does for you is bring the potential cost of this down a great deal. I know you love Daredevil, but if you love him you also love him without the outfit. Get on this before someone else does.

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The Career Left Turn

Before he entered his current strata of OBVIOUS weird dude, the LESS OBVIOUS weird dude Frank Miller was a creative powerhouse.

Let’s all sigh together.

Then click on the images to check out auctions that bring the pre-unhinged Miller to your longbox for next to nothing. Good dealz.

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Viva Mexican Comics

Ok, so if we’re going to get technical, some of these aren’t Mexican comics, they’re translated comics from the US. But let’s not get too heavy here and instead just acknowledge that Mexico is awesome and celebrate that fact by bidding on some comics. Buy them for a friend who is building a bar in the hip part of town. He can frame them and it’ll be “clever” or something.

You know this guy. Diabolico. He’s “El Hombre Que No Something A Nada!”

Sexual truckers. Viva.

It does seem gran.

The fact that I don’t speak the language makes this comic 20x more bizarre, and appealing.

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Random Comic Book Friday Returns!

Who are we kidding, Pat’s been holding things down here so well that you never even missed it. But that’s ok. This week we actually got two comics that tie together nicely. Or should I say, STICK together, since both involve sticky substances…

If this issue of the Defenders was published today, you can bet Red Guardian would be in for some hentai porn action on that cover. And surely you recognize Paste Pot Pete… excuse me, THE TRAPSTER shooting his load on the cover of Daredevil.

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Batman/Daredevil: Kings of New York

In 2000 this crossover comic teaming Daredevil with Batman was released. Sometimes I like crossovers and sometimes I don’t. In this case these two superheroes complement each other very well. Both have similar backgrounds and personalities. The story revolves around Catwoman stealing something valuable of Kingpin’s and bring it to Gotham city. Daredevil follows and joins up with Batman. It turns out that Scarecrow is behind the crime. If you get a chance pick this up from bgifford.iv. I think you will enjoy it.

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A Request of the Utmost Importance

For real. Does anyone know what issue of What If? has the moment where The Rose uses Hobgoblin’s pumpkin bombs to kill both men? I can’t remember what the actual story was about at all, but I love that moment. Hobgoblin yells out for Spider-Man to save him. Spider-Man isn’t even in the room! It’s a great little commentary on the idea of a nemesis and it came in the form of a throwaway issue in a “oh, that’s sort of neat” series. That’s the magic of comics, man.

Was it this issue?

Pretty confident it wasn’t this one. But it seemed to go so well with the image above, I included it anyway. Buy both these issues because this series was fun for thirty or so issues.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #11

Recently Marvel has been doing some good things with event books. Avengers #500? Game changer. I think this set the tone and bar for Marvel U to do great things with issues that by sheer number SHOULD be great.

This issue certainly fits in with the pedigree.

#11 – Daredevil 100 (volume 2)

Incredible cast of artists including Lee Bermejo, Gene Colan, John Romita Sr and more recent DD favorites Maleev, Lark, and Djurdjevic. Brubaker holds it down and if you are a fan of any modern books, check this one out. It might make you rethink how cool Daredevil can be.

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Daredevil circa 1977/1978.

This is such a great lot. Great cover artwork. Classic DD villains like The Owl, Bullseye, and Death Stalker (so underused, how does THAT guy stay dead while Stilt Man keeps running around?). The first appearances of Paladin and Ben Urich. And so on and so forth.

Comic lots man. Love em. Plus it’s a summer clearance sale so the starting bid is nice and low. Can’t do much better than that short of an actual yard sale.
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Nothing Can Stop the Blob!

Well, apparently romance can stop the Blob because he was laid low by love in this issue of Daredevil. This is one of my favorite single issues of all time. It’s simple (mutant girl pursued by Freedom Force, mutant girl protected by Daredevil); it’s beautiful (Romita Jr back when he was rough and still off-putting to a lot of readers); and it’s self-contained (something that NEVER happens anymore)! This is the sort of book that fostered a lifelong love of comics in me and I get a little misty thinking about it. Ann Nocenti, I salute you.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #77

I try not to get too hyperbolic on things on here.

I know most of the time I fail miserably, primarily because I try to cull the crap and just give you stuff I love.

This will be slightly different, because I will allow myself to delve into some hyperbole with regards to a comic series and creative team that restored my faith in comic books.

#77 – Daredevil 62 (vol.2)

Bendis is applauded everywhere – his work on Daredevil is his best in my opinion. The tone and pace is perfect for the character, and much like Peter David nailed the X-Factor team in my last post, Bendis just killed Matt Murdock. Frank Miller level “got it”.

But the shining force here is Alex Maleev. The artist was born to draw a dark, street level comic book. What sets this issue apart in my mind was the visual of Maleev’s Black Widow. Not just a typically drawn beautiful woman – he drew her with a uniquely Post-Kremlin beauty that is awe inspiring.

I’ll stop there. I could keep going on… and on…

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