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WuTang Milkcrate Athletics Gza Liquid Swords T-shirt

I know some of you might be wondering why I posted this t-shirt and what possible relationship could it have with comics? Well I will tell you. Back in 1995 when the Gza dropped the Liquid Swords I completely lost my mind. The album was amazing from beginning to end. Even the artwork was awesome, but I never knew who did it. When the album was completed the Gza’s manager hired D.C.Milestone artist Denys Cowan to draw the cover. Cowan was one of the few African American comic artists around. He has worked on a number of major titles from Spiderman, Superman, The Flash and Black Panther. Cowan was responsible for starting D.C.Milestone, an imprint label of D.C. Comics which featured other up and coming African American artists. girlsdoitincursive is selling this awesome Milkcrate Athletics shirt that features Cowan’s famous artwork for Liquid Swords. One last word be on the look put for Liquid Swords II:The Return of the Shadowboxer who knows you might find the vinyl on Vinyl Noize.

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