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Original Rob Liefeld Artwork Youngblood, Spawn, Deadpool, Cyberforce

mtwice aka Rob Liefeld is selling some awesome original art pieces. These boards would look great framed in an office or living room. Act fast because there is not much time left on these, the vultures are circling.

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Is It Cyber Monday Already?

Well, let’s get to spending some of that CYBER MONEY!

First, let’s put a bad taste in your mouth with this horrible piece of crap. Apparently a member of Cyber Force, this is one of the worst figures I’ve seen in my life. I don’t even want to know the character’s name. He doesn’t deserve one.

Oh, apparently he’s the guy on the cover here. I guess.

I just remembered this loser. Cyber. Wolverine villain. Think they fought in Madripoor. I only “think” that because it was so forgettable I can’t manage a cohesive idea of what happened or why this character exists.

I hate that this exists. Too much effort here.

I’m burnt. To hell with Cyber Monday. To hell with the 90s.

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